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Product Compatibility Guide

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Task Rule Check

CM 510/530 Fuse Replacement

How the X-series can communicate with dynamixel with protocol 1.0?

Users can select DYNAMIXEL Protocol 1.0 and Protocol 2.0 when using X-series. Even if Protocol 1.0 is selected, Protocol 2.0 Control Table will be used. It is recommended to use an identical protocol version for multiple DYNAMIXEL’s.

TIP : MX-series DYNAMIXEL except MX-12W can be upgraded to Control Table 2.0 for the new firmware features, new control table, and “Protocol Version” parameter for Communication Protocol flexibility.

What is RoboPlus?

RoboPlus is a software to create a customized programming for every ROBOTIS product.

What is the difference between RoboPlus Task and RoboPlus Motion?

To use motions in a task code, the motion file must be downloaded.

I want to know the meaning of the error code occurs during “RoboPlus Task” program execution.

Please refer to the page

What shall I do if the rule check error shows up while I am writing RoboPlus Task code?

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My robots’ joints get loose while I make the motions.

DYNAMIXEL’s have an Auto Shutdown function. This function prevents DYNAMIXEL’s from being damaged.

How can I develop a firmware for the controller by myself using C Language?

For advanced users, Embedded C is offered to develop its own programming.

Embeded c Download
CM-510 / 700 Downlaod SDK file
CM-530 Download SDK file

I want to develop a software to communicate with RoboPlus Task code.

You can use Zigbee SDK.

I want to control DYNAMIXEL with PC development environment such as Visual Studio.

DYNAMIXEL SDK is a standard programming library to develop S/W controls DYNAMIXEL.

I want to communicate with multiple Zigbees simultaneously.

1:N Communication

N:N Communication

Are ROBOTIS products RoHS compliant?

Please refer to the page.

Where can I download the drawings for ROBOTIS products?

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What is stall torque?

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What is the difference between normal horns and thrust horns?

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How much is N.m when converted to kgf.cm?

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I want to check the controller and dynamixel.

Selfcheck is offered

Software installation for OS X fails with a security warning.

Minimum System Requirements

OS : Mac OS X 10.5 or higher Hardware : Release after October 2007 (64bit)

Software installation for OS X fails with a security warning.

1 . Open System panel from Launchpad or Dock.

2 . Click on the Security & Privacy icon.

3 . Click the lock icon and enter the password.

4 . Select “Anywhere” and try installation again.