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In the video, watch how TurtleBot3 can be assembled and reassembled with a few additional parts. The waffle plate which is the biggest part among TurtleBot3 components can be assembled in various sizes and shapes, thanks to its diverse holes for bolts and nuts.

With this openended component, handful of TurtleBot3 friends with various characteristics could be built. You can create a totally new robot that is never seen before.

TurtleBot3 Friends List:

Get source codes and make friends! Go to Examplesturtlebot3turtlebot3_friends.

NOTE : Any suggestions and ideas for TurtleBot3 Friends Project are always welcomed. Tell us about your creative TurtleBot3 Friends. We can introduce your friend to the world through this wiki page! :)

E-Mail : ost@robotis.com

TurtleBot3 Friends: Car

TurtleBot3 Friends: OpenManipulator Chain

TurtleBot3 Friends: Segway

NOTE : Two Dynamixel X 430 Series are need to be set on PWM Mode.

NOTE : Filters library have to be downloaded and includes it arduino IDE. Github Link

TurtleBot3 Friends: Conveyor

TurtleBot3 Friends: Monster

TurtleBot3 Friends: Tank

TurtleBot3 Friends: Omni

TurtleBot3 Friends: Mecanum

TurtleBot3 Friends: Bike

TurtleBot3 Friends: Road Train

TurtleBot3 Friends: Real TurtleBot

TurtleBot3 Friends: Carrier