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[Short] Install Linux on TurtleBot3 Waffle (Intel® Joule™)

In this section, the Alternative Ubuntu Desktop 16.04 LTS will be installed on Intel® Joule™.

[Remote PC] Download Ubuntu image Alternative Ubuntu 16.04 for Intel® Joule™ from the below link.

[Remote PC] In order to make a bootable installation USB drive, please follow the Alternative install(Ubuntu Desktop 16.04 LTS) section from the below link.

[Remote PC] Before getting started, The board needs to have its BIOS updated to BIOS version #193 to install Ubuntu Image. Download BIOS version #193 and flash the BIOS into the Joule by following instructions in the below link.

Warning : Updating to the latest BIOS(1J2 or higher) may cause unexpected problem of Intel® Joule™ with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. Please use only the recommended BIOS version #193.

Warning : Intel® Joule™ comes with passive heatsink in the package. It is recommended to use the heatsink. In order to operate Joule without the heatsink, please follow the extra instruction: https://software.intel.com/en-us/node/721471

[Long] Install Linux on TurtleBot3 Waffle (Intel® Joule™)

[Intel® Joule™] Connect micro HDMI to HDMI cable, power connector supplied by OpenCR1.0, USB devices including Bootable USB drive, mouse and keyboard. You might need a USB hub to plug multiple USB devices into Joule.

[Intel® Joule™] Installation will be proceeded as shown in below images. When Joule is turned on, monitor will blink about 3 times after 5 seconds, and print menu screen. Press F7 to go to Boot Manager.

[Intel® Joule™] Select USB Device.

[Intel® Joule™] Select Erase disk and install Ubuntu then continue.

[Intel® Joule™] Intel® Joule™ has two different disk drives: 16GB micro SD Card and 16GB eMMC. In this instruction, it is highly recommended to install Alternarive Ubuntu for Joule on the 16GB eMMC. Select MMC/SD card #2 (mmcblk1) - 15.7 GB MMC 016G32 then continue.

[Intel® Joule™] Installation will take about 10 minutes.

[Intel® Joule™] When installation is completed, click Restart Now.

[Intel® Joule™] Remove bootable USB drive from Joule.

[Intel® Joule™] Don’t press any key. It will boot from 16GB eMMC which is a default boot device.

[Intel® Joule™] Finish the rest of settings.