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AWS RoboMaker with Turtlebot3

AWS RoboMaker is a service that makes it easy to develop, test, and deploy intelligent robotics applications at scale. RoboMaker extends the most widely used open-source robotics software framework, Robot Operating System (ROS), with connectivity to cloud services. This includes AWS machine learning services, monitoring services, and analytics services that enable a robot to stream data, navigate, communicate, comprehend, and learn. RoboMaker provides a robotics development environment for application development, a robotics simulation service to accelerate application testing, and a robotics fleet management service for remote application deployment, update, and management.

Developer Guide

AWS RoboMaker example with Turtlebot3

AWS RoboMaker – Develop, Test, Deploy, and Manage Intelligent Robotics Apps

AWS RoboMaker Reinforcement Learning example with Turtlebot3

How to Train a Robot Using Reinforcement Learning