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Topic Monitor

WARNING: Be careful when running the robot on the table as the robot might fall.


  • This instructions were tested on Ubuntu 16.04 with ROS Kinetic Kame and Windows 10 with ROS Melodic Morenia
  • This instructions are supposed to be running on the remote PC. Please run the instructions below on your Remote PC.
  • Make sure to run the Bringup instructions before use of the instruction

In order to check the topics of TurtleBot3, we will use rqt provided by ROS. The rqt is a Qt-based framework for GUI development for ROS. The rqt is a tool that allows users to easily see the topic status by displaying all the topics in the topic list. There are topic names, types, bandwidth, Hz, value in GUI.

[Remote PC] Run the rqt.

$ rqt

TIP: If rqt is not displayed, select the plugin -> Topics -> Topic Monitor.

When rqt is first run, the topic values are not monitored. To monitor the topic, click the checkbox next to each topic.

If you want to see more detail topic message, click the button next to each checkbox.

In addition, you can monitor topics through rqt whenever you have a topic added.