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DYNAMIXEL-Y is ROBOTIS’ industrialized premium robot actuator solution for full scale Robots

Product Lineup



Key Specifications

Model Dimensions [mm] Weight [g] Resolution [pulse/rev] Type
YM070-210-M001-RH Ø70 x 50.9 340g 524,288 Motor
YM070-210-R051-RH Ø70 x 71.1 790g 26,738,688 Motor, Reducer
YM070-210-R099-RH Ø70 x 71.1 790g 51,904,512 Motor, Reducer
YM080-230-M001-RH Ø80 x 54.1 530g 524,288 Motor
YM080-230-R051-RH Ø80 x 78.1 1,200g 26,738,688 Motor, Reducer
YM080-230-R099-RH Ø80 x 78.1 1,200g 51,904,512 Motor, Reducer

Communication Circuit

UART Connection Circuit Diagram

To control DYNAMIXEL-Y with a custom controller, the UART signal must be half-duplex serial. The reccomended circuit diagram to convert between full and half duplex serial communications is shown below:

Note: The circuit above is suitable for MCUs that use a 5V logic level or when the IO is 5V tolerant. For other cases, use a Level Shifter to match the voltage level of your controller with DYNAMIXEL’s 5v logic level.

The above circuit is integrated into ROBOTIS’ DYNAMIXEL controllers. In the provided circuit diagram, the direction of the TxD and RxD signals is determined based on the level of TX_Enable_5V as indicated below.

Cable Connection

The pin configuration of the DYNAMIXEL-Y connector is shown below.



WARNING: Ensure that you adhere to the correct pin arrangement during DYNAMIXEL installation. Incorrectly connected DYNAMIXEL servos may be severely damaged.