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ROBOTIS ENGINEER is the next generation robot that adopts AI technology based on smart devices.

CAUTION ENGINEER KIT 2 is an expansion for ENGINEER KIT 1. Parts from ENGINEER Kit 1 are required to build the figures in ENGINEER KIT 2.

Parts List

CM-550 Controller


Item Specifications
Weight 58.8 [g]
MCU ARM Cortex-M4 (168 [MHz], 32 [Bit])
Operating Voltage Battery : 6.5 ~ 15 [V], Recommended 11.1 [V] (Li-PO 3cell)
SMPS : 6.5 ~ 15 [V], Recommended 12.0 [V]
Micro USB : 4.75 ~ 5.25 [V], Recommended 5.0 [V]
Current Consumption Standby : 50 [mA]
Port 1 ~ 2 I/O Max : 0.5 [A]
Port 3 ~ 5 I/O Max : 0.02 [A]
Total : 10 [A] (Fuse)
Operating Temperature -5 ~ 70 [°C]
Communication Module BLE Slave Module
Internal I/O Devices Buttons : 2 (MODE, START)
Mic (Sound Detection) : 1
Buzzer : 1
Voltage Sensor : 1
Gyro Accelerometer : 1
Temperature Sensor : 1
External I/O Devices ROBOTIS 5 Pin Port : 5 (SM-10 / IR Array / TMS-10 : Use Port 1 or 2)
X series DYNAMIXEL Ports : 6

CM-550 Layout

CAUTION : The USB port on CM-550 is designed to be connected with the PC. Please do NOT connect other USB devices, or it may cause damage to the controller.

CM-550 e-Manual

Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a single board computer based on the Linux operating system developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation in the UK for educational purposes.

Raspberry Pi Zero W

The Raspberry Pi Zero is a compact computer that’s smaller in size and lower in price while retaining the functionality of a traditional Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi Zero W Features

Raspberry Pi Camera Module

Raspberry Pi Camera can be connected with Raspberry Pi and can perform various functions as face and color recognition, line detection, and video streaming.

Raspberry Pi Camera Module

Raspberry Pi Zero W with the Camera Module.

How Raspberry Pi Zero can be connected to CM-550 controller?

NOTE: After turning on the controller, wait for 70 seconds to boot Raspberry Pi. Once booting is completed, the yellow LED will light on with beep sound.



The DYNAMIXEL XL430-W250-T is a smart actuator designed for robot applications. The XL430-W250-T offers various control modes such as speed, position, extended position(multi-turn) and PWM and is capable of generating 1.4 N.m torque at 11.0 V.

XL430-W250-T e-Manual


2XL430-W250 is a ground breaking DYNAMIXEL that allows to control 2 axis(2 DOF) with a single module. In order to control 2 axis at the same time, each axle is assigned with different ID while sharing an identical Baudrate. Since the Control Table for each axle is separated except the Baudrate, 2XL can be applied in various applications.

The usage is identical to other DYNAMIXEL’s, but be aware that Firmware Recovery will reset both axis to factory settings.

2XL430-W250 e-Manual

LED Module

The R / B LED board, which can control colors (red, blue and violet) and light intensity, can be attached to the robot’s appearance to give a colorful LED effect or to distinguish teams by LED color in competitions.

LED Module

Stickers for LED Module

LED Module Equipped for MAX-E2

Servo Motor

An Actuator is often used for motion control in applications which require an apparatus to rotate at a certain angle or to move at a specific position. DYNAMIXEL can offer various operating modes, of which the wheel based rotational movement as well as precise position for joint movement are the most popular.

Servo Motor e-Manual


DMS-80(Distance Measuring Sensor) is a sensor to detect the distance using infrared sensor. Different to the common infrared sensor, the DMS sensor is rarely affected by the color of the refelctor and detection distance can be extended up to 10 to 80 cm.

DMS-80 e-Manual


Safety Precautions

  1. Read this manual carefully before getting started.
  2. Only use provided tools in the kit.
  3. Keep the robot away from the face and body when the robot is operating.
  4. Be careful for getting fingers or part of the body stuck in the robot joints.
  5. Do not operate or store the robot under the direct sunlight.
  6. Do not operate or store the robot near water or heat source.
  7. Do not tamper or disassemble components.
  8. Keep the robot and parts away from infants or younger children.
  9. Do not impact or poke the robot with sharp objects.

Precautions on Use

  1. Use provided screwdriver(PH 1) in the kit for tightening screws.
  2. Do not apply excessive force on screws and parts when assembling.
  3. Operate the robot on the floor to avoid any damages from falling.
  4. Accidental damages from falling is not covered by warranty.
  5. DYNAMIXEL internal gears and robot joints are expendables. Excessive use or long term use may develop the backlash.
  6. The robot in a rapid motion (i.e, a combat motion) consumes a lot of current momentarily and may cause the unexpected Power off due to the lack of provided power from its power source. In this case, please use a battery or SMPS with an high ampere (A) to prevent from the unexpected power off.

Precautions on Battery

  1. The battery must be disconnected from the robot when not used or charged with the designated charger.
  2. Do not disassemble or impact the battery or charger.
  3. Do not heat the battery and avoid contact with fire and liquids.
  4. Do not place battery in the microwave, laundry machine, refrigerator, or dryer.
  5. Do not use damaged batteries (deformed, swollen, external damages).
  6. Do not short the battery.
  7. Do not reverse the polarity of the battery when charging.
  8. Do not charge the battery when it is hot. Let the battery cools down to the room temperature before charging
  9. Do not store the battery in hot or humid place.
  10. Do not charge multiple batteries with the charger at the same time.
  11. Do not connect the battery to the charger when the charger is not connected to the power source.

Assembly Precautions


CAUTION : Please use the designated screw driver(PH 1) when assembling bolts.


Check DYNAMIXEL Horn Position


  • The marking on the housing should match to the horn marking when properly centered.
  • In order to align the horn to the center, use PH 1 screw driver to rotate the horn screw to clockwise. Be aware of rotating the screw to counter clockwise as it will release the screw.

Rivet Assembly

6mm Rivet

CAUTION : When reusing rivets, the pin hole must be inserted first. Used rivet will not be separated into pin and pinhole.

12mm Rivet

Cable Assemlby


Both connectors are linked to supply power and communication to the module. Please use any connector for easier assembly.

Wiring through Idler Cap

Through hole wiring method helps to increase the durability of cable and to simplify cable assembly.
It is not a mandatory and it may require more time to replace the cable afterward.