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OP Series

Where can I find DARWIN OP manual?

Where can I purchase grippers?

You can consider Seed Robotics or SAKE Robotics grippers


Is Manipulator-L available?

No, the Manipulator-L has been discontinued.

Where can I purchase Manipulator-H(or Manipulator-L) frame set?

Manipulator-H frame set is not sold separately.

What is the specifications of the Manipulator-H?

Please refer to the here.

What is the power requirement for the Manipulator-H?

The Manipulator-H consumes 15~30A at DC 24V. It consumes less than 2A during idle status.

Is end effector or gripper included in the package?

No, SAKE Robotics grippers is recommended

Where can I find base plate component setup information?

Please refer to here for the Manipulator Base Plate. We have 2 types of plates which are Base Plate-01 and Base Plate-02.

Is OpenMANIPULATOR available examples, and some helpful information?

All technical specifications, configuration examples, and open-source CAD for OpenMANIPULATOR is available online in the ROBOTIS e-Manual entry for OpenMANIPULATOR.

ROBOTIS also offers the DYNAMIXEL SDK- a collection of open-source, The DYNAMIXEL SDK includes resources for the use of MatLab for your reference.

What controller is required to operate OpenMANIPULATOR?

OpenMANIPULATOR may be controlled using ROBOTIS controller boards such as OpenCR1.0, from a computer using the U2D2 USB-serial converter, or from third-party controllers based on your own application.