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Roboplus Block is a coding education platform that inherits block coding method of Google’s Blockly.

Supported Products

Supported Parts


Communication Modules

Getting Started

R+ Block Install

Minimum Requirements

Download and Setup

Launch the Google Play from smart device. (Google Play is a substitute for Android Market)
Search for R+ Block on Google Play.

Searching ROBOTIS will also find R+Block


Connect to Robot

The robot can be connected to the smart device with Bluetooth.
How to connect with Bluetooth

Main Screen

The screen of R+Block looks like below.

  1. Product and Workspace Name
  2. Play Button
  3. Stop Button
  4. Save Button
  5. Optional Menu Button
  6. Block Level
  7. Block Group
  8. Workspace
  9. Undo Button
  10. Redo Button
  11. Trash Bin

Basic Features

Product Name

Tapping the Product and Workspace Name area will allow to select the R+Block compatible ROBOTIS products.

Block Level

When tapping the Block Level selection area, available blocks for the selected product will be listed.
Depending on the selected block level, block groups and available blocks in the groups can be changed.

Selecting Block

Tapping the block group will display available blocks in the group.
These blocks can be drag and dropped onto the workspace area, and more blocks can be found by swiping up and down.

Start Block

There is only one Start block in the code, and the blocks attached to the Start block will run.

The orange marker will appear when a selected block can be attached to another block.

In the below screen, Move Forward block is attached to the Start block. When the robot is connected to the code, Move Forward block will be executed.

If the Move Forward block is separated from the Start block as shown below, it will not be executed.

Deleting Block

Drag and drop a block group or a block on the trash bin to delete.

Open the trash bin and select deleted block in order to recycle the block.
User can browse deleted blocks by swiping to the left and right.

Zoom In/Out

Pinch gesture on the workspace area will allow to zoom in or out the screen.

Context Menu

Select and hold a block to pop up the context menu with more features such as Duplicate Block and Delete Block.
Below shows how to use context menu for the selected block.

When selecting a block, all connected lower level blocks are selected together.
Below screen shows when 1 Second block is selected.
As a result, the lower level Stop block is also selected in a gray colored block.

Holding down on the selected block for a few seconds will display the context menu as shown below.

Duplicate Block

Below example shows how to copy the selected block with context menu.
Select and hold the 1 Second block until context menu pops up.
In the context menu, select Duplicate Block.

As shown in the below screen, selected block is duplicated on top of the original block.

Disable Block

Select Disable Block from the context menu of the selected block.

The hidden block will be marked as light gray colored block.
Even if the hidden block is attached to the Start block, it will not be executed.

Enable Block

In order to enable the hidden block, select Enable Block so that the block can be executed again.

Delete Block

Blocks not only can be deleted by drag and dropping to the trash bin, but also can be deleted by selecting Delete Block in the context menu.


Undo and Redo buttons help users to revert changes in blocks.
If undo or redo is enabled, the button will be activated as shown below.


Tap the Play button to run the code.
If a robot is not connected, bluetooth connection screen will appear as shown below.

If there is a paired bluetooth module, tap on REPEATED ATTEMPT to connect to the bluetooth module.
If R+ Block is running for the first time, tap on DEVICE SELECT to search for a robot with bluetooth module.

Enter the last two characters of the device address written on the bluetooth module and tap the SCAN button.
If bluetooth device is found, select the bluetooth module to connect then tap the Play button again.

If the robot is connected, “Waiting…” message will appear on the screen.

As soon as the block starts to play, “Running…” message will appear on the screen.
Currently running block can be identified by the red colored block.

If bluetooth connection is unsuccessful, make sure that the bluetooth module on the robot is blinking before retry connection.
In order to disconnect the bluetooth, either turn off the robot or go to Optional Menu > Settings and select Bluetooth.


Tap the Stop button to stop executing the code while “Running…” or tap the X button on the top right corner of workspace.


This button will save the code in the workspace. The code can also be saved from Optional Menu > Workspace > Save.


To display the exit menu for the program, press Back button of the Android devices.


Cancel exiting the program.


Terminate the program without saving the code.

Save & Exit

Save the code and terminate the program.

Optional Menu

Optional Menu button contains extend menu such as Settings, Workspace, Task and more.


Bluetooth, e-Manual, Version Information can be found.


This option allows to configure, modify or disconnect the bluetooth module.
In order to search for the bluetooth module, the last two characters have to be entered before beginning scan.


Online manual can be found.

Version Info

Current version of the program can be found.


Save, load, clear or create a new workspace from this menu.


Saves current workspace.

Enter the name and tap OK button.

The name of workspace is displayed in the top.

If the workspace is already saved, current workspace name will appear when saving.
In order to change the name, enter the new name for the workspace.


Loads saved workspace.


Clears all the blocks in the workspace.
Workspace name and Start block will remain.


Create a new workspace.

Enter the workspace name and tap OK button.


Lists up the saved workspace. To delete the workspace, select and hold the workspace file.


The code can be converted to Task code and be downloaded.

This requires R+Task. If R+Task is not installed, Google Play will appear on the screen.

Enter ROBOTIS and search for R+m.Task2 in the Google Play

Install R+m.Task2


The block code will be converted to Task code.
Additional code can be programmed from R+m.Task2 app and be compiled for error.
Please refer to R+m.Task2 app manual for downloading Task code to the robot.

Converted Task code is saved in below location of Android device.


Converted code can be downloaded directly to the robot without displaying on R+m.Task2 app.
After downloading the code to the robot, the robot does not need to be connected to the R+Block to run the code.
Downloaded code will run as soon as the robot is turned on.