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BT-210 uses Bluetooth communication to allow the modules to interact via serial communication (UART). The compatible products are shown below: (Please refer to the compatible part for instructions on how to connect the device.)

Caution Following products are not compatible with BT-210.

  • Remote Controller : RC-100, RC-100A
  • Controller : CM-100, CM-5, CM-2+
  • Communication module : BT-410, BT-410 Dongle


CAUTION : Please be sure to connect the device while the controller is turned off. Damage may occur if the device is connected while the power is turned on.


Item Description
Weight 4.51g
Size 18mm X 30mm X 9.1mm
Bluetooth Bluetooth Specification 2.1 Support
Effective Communication Distance 10M
Frequency 2.4 GHz ISM Band
Bandwidth MAX 250kbps
Default Baud rate 57600bps
Sensitivity -81dBm (Typical)
Transmit Power 4dBm(Typical)
Bluetooth Profile Supported SPP (Serial Port Profile)
Operational Voltage 3.3V
Consumed Current 48mA (Max)
Operating Temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
Baud rate Range 1,200bps ~ 4,000,000bps(F/W v13 or above)
Antenna Chip Antenna
Interface UART (3.3V Level)
Conducted Net Power -6~4dBm(Class 2)

Available Baudrate

Baudrate BT-210
FW v12 or below
FW v13 or above
BT-410/BT-410 Dongle
1200 X X O
2400 X X O
4800 X X O
9600 O O O
14400 X X O
19200 O O O
28800 X X O
38400 O O O
57600 O O O
76800 X X O
115200 O O O
230400 O O O
250000 O O O
460800 O O O
921600 O O O
1000000 X O O
1382400 O O X
1500000 X O X
2000000 X O X
2500000 X O X
3000000 X O X
4000000 X O X

Communication Mode

Utilizes a pairing mechanism that allows reliable 1:1 communication.

1:1 Communication

BT-210 Setting


  1. Download example “c_Serial_Serial2_Converter” from Arduino or f_SerialUSB_Serial2_Converter” from OpenCM IDE for the OpenCM-9.04.

    With references to add “OpenCM9.04” Board Manager to Arduino IDE


    When using Arduino IDE

    WARNING : OpenCM IDE is not updated anymore. It is recommanded to use Arduino IDE as OpenCM IDE isn’t maintanined anymore.

    When using OpenCM IDE

  2. Connect the BT-210 to the OpenCM9.04, then run Tera Term.

  3. Once connection is complete baud rate can be any.

  4. Go to Setup->Terminal and check local echo.

  5. Enter ! in terminal and if OK is returned, BT-210 is in Command Mode. Enter AT and if OK is returned, now BT-210 is ready for the setting.

  6. Once setup is completed, reconnect the BT-210 with the controller. The picture shows BT-210 is set as a Master.

AT Commands

The following are AT terminal commands for the BT-210

If an error comes in the cmd, input ”!”(Shift+1) to restart writing.
If the command fails or does’t move to the next step, input “AT(at)” or ”!”, then re-input.
If the BT module is not detected, then the controller or firmware needs to be restored.

  1. System reset Enter ATZ press the Enter key and the BT-210 resets.if settings have changed the mode will change upon reset.

  2. Mode change
    • Use this command to switch between master and slave modes for the BT-210.
      • AT+BTROLE=M -> Master mode
      • AT+BTROLE=S -> Slave mode
    • Afterwards enter ATZ to reset.

    MASTER Mode

    SLAVE Mode

  3. Peripheral device search This is possible only in master mode. Enter AT+BTINQ followed by the Enter key the device class comes as 0x1F00(SPP).

  4. Connecting devices (pairing) Once devices have been found they can be connected via its 12-digit hex MAC address. for example a device with MAC address of abc2-ff-123458 enter ATDabc2ff123458 (ignore the – sign). When asked for pin code enter 0000.

  5. Change pin code
    • AT+BTKEY=digit Pin Code
    • To change pin code follow the procedure below.

    • then enter AT+BTKEY (ignore the = sign)

  6. Output current device class Output of SPP (serial port profile) 0x1f00

  7. Change Bluetooth device name AT+BTNAME = for name change

  8. Device Under Test (DUT) mode Under this mode the device is a “test” device and not suited for applications.

    Enter AT+BTDUT then ATZ (make sure is in slave mode) To get out of DUT mode enter AT+BTDUT one more time then ATZ

  9. Change Baudrate AT+BTUART,baudrate,parity_bit,stop_bit Example AT+BTUART,57600,n,1

BT-210 Pairing with cmd


Pin No. Name Description I/O
1 RXD Receive Data(Data In) INPUT
2 TXD Transmit Data(Data Out) OUTPUT
4 GND Ground (0v) -



Please inquire us for information regarding unlisted certifications.