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BT-410 Dongle

BT-410 Dongle converts USB 2.0 interface and Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy standard communication interface(Master).
If BT-410 Dongle is connected to the PC, it can be paired with a BT-410 Slave module to exchange data.
(Please refer to each product page for instructions)

1. BT-410 Dongle Compatible Devices

2. BT-410 Dongle Incompatible Devices

Caution Please make sure to turn off the controller before connecting the Bluetooth module. The device may cause malfunction or be damaged if connected while the controller is turned on.


Item Description
Weight 7.5g
Dimension 50.5mm x 20mm x 10.5mm
Bluetooth Bluetooth Specification 4.0 Low Energy Support
Effective Communication Distance 10M
Frequency 2.4GHz ISM Band
Bandwidth MAX 128kbps
Default baud rate 57,600bps
Operating Voltage 5.0V
Current Consumption 25mA (Max)
Operating temperature 0°C ~ 40°C
Baud rates 1,200bps ~ 1,000,000bps
Antenna Chip Antenna
Interface USB 2.0 Full Speed
Sensitivity -81dBm (Typical)
Conducted Net Power -6 ~ 4dBm (Class 2)

Available Baudrate

Baudrate BT-210
FW v12 or below
FW v13 or above
BT-410/BT-410 Dongle
1200 X X O
2400 X X O
4800 X X O
9600 O O O
14400 X X O
19200 O O O
28800 X X O
38400 O O O
57600 O O O
76800 X X O
115200 O O O
230400 O O O
250000 O O O
460800 O O O
921600 O O O
1000000 X O O
1382400 O O X
1500000 X O X
2000000 X O X
2500000 X O X
3000000 X O X
4000000 X O X


Available features with BT-410 Dongle and BT-410 Slave pair.

  Firmware Recovery
R+ Manager 2.0
Firmware Update
R+ Manager 2.0
Entry R+ Scratch TASK 2.0 Download Motion 2.0 Download
CM-50(PLAY700) O O - O O -
CM-150 O O - - O -
CM-200 O O - - O O
CM-530 O O - - O O
OpenCM7.0 O O O O O  
OpenCM9.04 O O - - O O
Car Robot - - O O - -

Communication Mode

Utilizes a pairing mechanism that allows reliable 1:1 communication.

1:1 Communication

BT-410 Dongle Setting

Can reset system, change device name, and set SLAVE address, but CANNOT change mode.


  1. Connect the BT-410 dongle to PC and check assigned port number from the Device Manager. Then connect using the Tera Term terminal program through the respective COM port.

    • Run Tera Term terminal program and select New Connection... under the File menu.
    • Download Tera Term

  2. Select assigned COM port for BT-410 dongle.

  3. Go to Setup > Serial port.

  4. Set the Baud rate to 57600.

  5. Go to Setup > Terminal.

  6. Enable Local echo.

  7. If an exclamation mark(“!”) is entered, “OK” will be returned and command mode becomes available. If entering “AT” on the terminal returns “OK”, BT-410 dongle is successfully connected and ready to be configured.

  8. The command “AT+BTINQ=DBE7DF000001” will search for the BLE devices whose MAC address is higher than DBE7DF000001.

  9. After searching for available devices with “AT+BTINQ” command, use returned MAC address to pair with the device. For example, in order to pair with above searched device, use “ATD” command followed by the MAC address: “ATDDBE7DF00512B”.

AT Commands

The followings are AT terminal commands for the BT-410 Dongle.

  1. System Reset
    Enter ATZ to reset BT-410 dongle. If settings are modified, the modified setting will be applied on reset.

  2. Search Device
    Enter “AT+BTINQ=DBE7DF000001” to search for the Bluetooth devices whose MAC address is higher than DBE7DF000001.

  3. Auto Pairing
    Unpaired BT-410 Slave module can be automatically paired if it is located within 10 cm to the BT-410 dongle.

  4. Disable Auto Pairing
    Enter “AT+BTAUTOPAIR=0”

    A few seconds later, below message will be displayed.

  5. Enable Auto Pairing
    Enter “AT+BTAUTOPAIR=1”

    A few seconds later, below message will be displayed.

  6. Change Baudrate
    Example AT+BTUART,57600,n,1

Check Driver

How to check whether the BT-410 Dongle driver is installed correctly is as follows.

  1. Connect BT-410 Dongle to the USB Port of PC.

  2. Select Manage in the popped-up menu shown by right-clicking My Computer.


  3. Check USB Serial Converter in Universal Serial Bus Controllers of Device Manager.


  4. Check USB Serial Port(COMx) in the list of Ports(COM & LPT). COM Port number may vary depending on each system.


Install Driver Manually

If you installed RoboPlus, FTDI Driver (USB2DYNAMIXEL, USB Downloader (LN-101) driver, BT-410 Dongle) is installed together automatically. If you didn’t install the RoboPlus yet, or if the driver is not installed appropriately, please install it manually according to following procedures.

  1. Connect a device to PC. If the driver is not installed yet, Found New Hardware Wizard will be popped up. Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)(S) -> Next(N)


  2. Decide the location of Driver. If RoboPlus S/W has been installed automatically, the driver is in LN101 folder of RoboPlus Installation folder. Or if you want to install the newest version, download the newest version VCP driver from [FTDI Driver Download] page.



  3. Click the Next(N) button to start the installation. Installation of USB Serial Converter driver is completed.


  4. Install the USB Serial Port driver in the same way.




Please inquire us for information regarding unlisted certifications.