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Create robots using the controllers and sensors. Through 12-session curriculum, learn scientific principle and physics theory such as power of robot, usage of sensors, speed and force, walking, and running etc. by experiment.

NOTE : For OLLO Explorer, the instructor will download the program. If you want to download and learn the program for yourself, you must purchase USB Downloader(LN-101) separately. If you want to build and program your robots using more peripheral devices, please purchase OLLO Inventor.

Part List

Quick Start

How to Play

For the controller(CM-100) included with OLLO Explorer, a comprehensive program which can be used without downloading is installed.

CAUTION : The comprehensive program in the controller will be overwritten when downloading a program. Therefore, you must download the program using USB Downloader(LN-101).

If the button on the controller is pressed sequentially, the musical notes are played. Depending on the pressed number, the installed program can be selected.


Select Program

Please refer to the learning material in the kit for more information.

Button Press Musical Note Chapters Robots
1 Do E-1
Chapter 1, 2
2 Re E-1
Chapter 3
3 Mi E-1
Chapter 4
4 Fa E-2
Chapter 1
5 Sol E-2
Chapter 2
6 Ra E-2
Chapter 3
7 Si E-2
Chapter 4
8 Do E-3
Chapter 1

NOTE : The example which cannot be selected by the comprehensive program must be downloaded using USB Downloader(LN101).


Please refer to Explorer Learning Material on How to Assemble or motions during the execution for each example.

Also, please refer to How to Download of task code for more information.

  1. Integrated example program
    • This program is basically included in the main controller when you purchase the goods
    • Please refer to the Operating Method to see how to use this program. Download OLLO_L2_Total_EN.tsk
  2. Example program of each chapter
Robots E-1
1. Elephant Download OLLO_L2_Elephant_EN.tsk
2. Windmill Download OLLO_L2_Windmill_EN.tsk
3. Avoider Download OLLO_L2_Avoider_EN.tsk
4. Imagine Download OLLO_L2_DistanceSensor_EN.tsk
Download OLLO_L2_Penguin_EN.tsk
Download OLLO_L2_CardGiver_EN.tsk
Robots E-2
5. Seal Download OLLO_L2_Seal_EN.tsk
6. Line Tracer Download OLLO_L2_Linetracer_EN.tsk
7. Howitzer Download OLLO_L2_Howitzer_EN.tsk
8. Imagine Download OLLO_L2_SoundSensor_EN.tsk
Download OLLO_L2_Dancing_EN.tsk
Download OLLO_L2_Cradle_EN.tsk
Robots E-3
9. Lady Bug Download OLLO_L2_Ladybug_EN.tsk
10. Wheel Puppy Download OLLO_L2_WheelPuppy_EN.tsk
11. Mouse Download OLLO_L2_Mouse_EN.tsk
12. Battle Bug Download OLLO_L2_Battlebug_EN.tsk