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NOTE: The OpenCM 485 EXP e-Manual in Japanese (日本語) is available for the Japanese.

OpenCM 485 Expansion Board



Item Description
Input voltage 5 ~ 30V
Power SMPS, LiPo, DXL PRO 24V
Power Switch 1
DYNAMIXEL Port 4Pin x 5, 3Pin x 5
Button 2
Size 68 mm X 66.5 mm
Weight 32g
Serial3 TX Header Pin #24
Serial3 RX Header Pin #25
Direction Control Header Pin #22


  1. SMPS DC Connector : For using SMPS DC Adapter to supply power to OpenCM 485 EXP board.
  2. DXL Pro Power Connector : Power connector for DYNAMIXEL Pro (24V).
  3. Li-Po battery Connector : Connector for 11.1V Li-Po battery(LBS-10).
  4. DYNAMIXEL TTL 3 -Pin Bus : Used to connect 3-Pin Cables(DYNAMIXEL TTL Bus) and for daisy chaining DYNAMIXEL’s.
  5. User Button : Function of these buttons can be assigned by the user.
  6. User LED : LED that can be controlled by the user.
  7. I/O header : Header pins used to mount OpenCM9.04(2.54mm pitch).
  8. DYNAMIXEL 485 4-Pin Bus : Used to connect 4-Pin Cables(DYNAMIXEL TTL Bus) and for daisy chaining DYNAMIXEL’s.
  9. Power Switch : Switch that powers the board and DYNAMIXEL. Note: Does not disconnect the power received via USB cable.
  10. JP1 Jumper : Jumper that determines whether the power inputted onto OpenCM 485 EXP will be supplied to OpenCM9.04 board or not.

WARNING: Check the pinout! The pinout of DYNAMIXEL can differ from the pinout of connector manufacturer.

Using with OpenCM9.04

Connecting OpenCM9.04 to the expanstion board

  1. Prepare OpenCM 485 EXP and OpenCM9.04 boards. Any version of OpenCM9.04 is compatible. Solder the header onto the OpenCM9.04.

  2. OpenCM9.04 is mounted onto OpenCM 485 EXP as shown below.

    CAUTION : The orientation of the connection must be correct.

  3. Connect the USB cable onto OpenCM9.04 board.

  4. Connect DYNAMIXEL and 12V SMPS adapter onto OpenCM 485 EXP board.


  • DYNAMIXEL-X and P series use JST connector that is not compatible with a connector installed on the OpenCM 485 EXP board. To use DYNAMIXEL X and P series with the expansion board, use JST-Molex convertable cable.
  • Be sure to disconnect OpenCM9.04 with OpenCM 485 EXP board before a firmware recovery for DYNAMIXEL.

Using a motion tool or motion file with OpenCM9.04 and OpenCM 485 expansion board

To use a motion tool on R+ Motion, or a motion file on R+ Task with DYNAMIXEL connected to OpenCM 9.04 or the expanstion board, set the DYNAMIXEL’s bus channel by configuring the item, Dynamixel Channel, of the Control table on the OpenCM 9.04.

  1. Open R+ Manager, and select OpenCM 9.04 in the Home tab.

  2. Select Update & Test.

  3. When the control table appears, select an DYNAMIXEL’s bus channel on the list of Dynamixel Channel. For example, select EXP Board(X-Series) to use DYNAMIXEL-X series on the expansion board.

Item Description
On Board(XL-320) Uses XL-320 only with the OpenCM 9.04 on a motion tool and a task program
EXP Board(X-Series) Uses DYNAMIXEL-X series, XL-320 excluded, with the expantion board on a motion tool and a task program
EXP Board(XL-320) Uses XL-320 only with the expantion board on a motion tool and a task program
On Board(X-Series) Uses DYNAMIXEL-X series, XL-320 excluded, with the OpenCM 9.04 on a motion tool and a task program

Items of Dynamixel Channle on the control table.

NOTE: After setup is complete, restart the OpenCM9.04 or the expansion board to activate DYNAMIXEL’s bus channel. Consequently, the DYNAMIXEL with the controller will properly work on the motion tool or with the motion file on the task program.


Power Circuit Connection

A power circuit block diagram of the OpenCM 485 EXP and OpenCM9.04, once mounted, is shown below.
OpenCM 485 EXP supplies 5V from OpenCM9.04 as default. JP1 can be used to determine if VDD power from OpeCM 485 EXP board is supplied to OpenCM9.04.

OpenCM 485 EXP Power Connection

OpenCM 485 EXP’s DYNAMIXEL 485 bus operates as DYNAMIXEL bus using OpenCM9.04’s USART3(Serial3).

NOTE : OpenCM9.04’s DYNAMIXEL TTL BUS is connected to USART1(Serial1).

OpenCM9.04 & OpenCM 485 EXP Bus Connections

EXP Board Programming

In order to use OpenCM 485 EXP board with OpenCM9.04, please use Arduino IDE.

  1. Install Arduino IDE

  2. OpenCM 485 EXP’s 485 Bus sends and receives communication packets via OpenCM9.04’s Serial3(USART3).

    • In case of programming with DYNAMIXEL SDK, please set Serial3 port as shown below.
     #include <DYNAMIXEL SDK.h>
     #define DEVICENAME      "3"   //Use Serial3 port
     dynamixel::PortHandler *portHandler = dynamixel::PortHandler::getPortHandler(DEVICENAME);
    • In case of programming with DYNAMIXELWorkbench, please set Serial3 port as shown below.
     #include <DYNAMIXELWorkbench.h>
     #define DEVICENAME      "3"   //Use Serial3 port
     #define BAUDRATE        57600
     DYNAMIXELWorkbench dxl_wb;
     dxl_wb.begin(DEVICE_NAME, BAUDRATE);

Button and LED

OpenCM 485 EXP board has 2 buttons and 3 LED’s that are connected to OpenCM9.04 I/O pins.
The OpenCM9.04 I/O pin numbers for the buttons and LED’s are indicated below.

  OpenCM9.04 I/O
Button1 16
Button2 17
LED1 18
LED2 19
LED3 20