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Item Description
Weight 22g
Size 42mm x 42mm x 18mm
Voltage Supply Range : 2.0V ~ 3.5V
Recommended : 3.0V (AA or LR6 x 2)
Consumed Electric Current IDLE(0.04mA)
Play Mode(30mA)
Operation Temperature -5°C ~ 70°C
Embedded Device IR Sensor (Detects distance) x 3
MIC (Detects sounds) x 1
Buzzer x 1
External Device Connection Port Communication Port (For wireless control and download) x 1
Motor Connection Port (For geared motor box) x 2
Multi-purpose Port (For sensor and output ) x 2


Connecting Power

How to Operate

Connect to PC

LN-101 is required to connect CM-100A to PC. For more information, please refer to LN-101.

Wireless Communication

You can connect a ZIG-110 wireless communication module on the CM-100A.