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RC-200 supports IR communication with controller.

RC-200 Buttons

Quick Start

How to Set the Communication Channel

  1. Start the CM-50 controller with Manage Mode.
  2. Press and hold down V and button for 5 seconds until 2, 4, 7, 8, 9 buttons on RC-200 light up.
  3. Select the channel to use(1 ~ 25), then enter the channel number from RC-200.
  4. Press the button to save the channel setting.
  5. Three beeps will sound consecutively if RC-200 is succesfully connected to the controller.
  1. Turn off the controller and press the red button 5 times to control the robot.

How to Lock/Unlock the Channel Buttons

  1. After setting the channel, press button to lock the channel button.
    (Auto-locks in 3 seconds after the channel is set .)
  2. Press down both the to unlock the channel buttons LED on 2, 7, 8, 9, 4 buttons will blink when unlocked

How to Check the Communication Channel

Press V button to check the current channel using the blinking LED. .

Channel 7

Channel 11 ( 1 button blinks 2 times consecutively)

When to Replace the Battery

Press the channel button or button. If LED of button blinks 5 times consecutively, you are advised to replace the batteries.

Precaution: Please remove batteries from RC-200 when it is not in use. Be aware that removing batteries will reset the communication channel to 1.

Straightness Tuning for CM-50

See Straightness Tuning.