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RB-86 Controller



Item Specification
Weight 160g
Controller Arm® Cortex®-M4 MCU
Dimensions 120 mm x 60 mm x 36 mm
Motor Output Shafts Rear Shaft x 2
Gear Ratio 60:1
Speed 270 RPM (at 4.5V)
Operating Voltage 3.6V ~ 4.8V (AA batteries x 3)
Internal I/O Devices Infrared Sensor (Obstacle Detection) x 6, Microphone (Sound Detection) x 1, Buzzer x 1, AUX LED x 2 (Orange, Green), POWER LED x 1 (Blue)
External I/O Ports DXL TTL 3P Port x 2

(May cause serious injury or death)

  • Never place items containing water, flammables, or solvents near the product.
  • Never place fingers, arms, toes, and other body parts near product during operation.
  • Cut the power off if the product begins to emit strange odors or smoke.
  • Keep product out of reach of children.
  • Check input polarity before installing wiring or cables.

(May cause injury or damage to product)

  • Always comply with operating environment specifications including voltage, current, and temperature.
  • Do not insert blades or other sharp objects during product operation.

(May cause injury or damage to product)

  • Do not disassemble or modify the product.
  • Do not drop or apply strong impacts to the product.



Power Supply

The RB-86 is powered by three AA batteries.

Controller Modes

Play Mode

Manage Mode

Unplugged Coding Mode


Recovery Mode

Controller Shutdown

To turn off the controller when it’s on, press the start button again.

Cross Hub Assembly

Insert the end of the cross shaft into the cross hub on the RB-86, making sure their directions match.


Connect to STEAMCUP

Connect from PC

  1. Navigate to the STEAMCUP website.


  2. Click on the hamburger menu in the upper right corner, sign up, and log in.


  3. Click on Add Robot.


  4. Select the controller you want to connect to from the Bluetooth device selection window and proceed with pairing.


  5. The RB-86 will beep once, indicating a successful connection.

Connect from Mobile

  1. Download the STEAMCUP app from the Google Play Store or App Store.


  2. Run the STEAMCUP app, sign up, and log in.

  3. Click on Add Robot and select the controller you want to connect to.


  4. The RB-86 will beep once, indicating a successful connection.

Firmware Update

  1. Connect to your RB-86 via the STEAMCUP app.

  2. Click on the RB-86 icon.


  3. Click on the Firmware Recovery/Update button.


  4. Follow the wireless firmware update instructions.


Note: PC STEAMCUP does not support firmware update functionality.

Connect to Remote Controller

Connect to RC-100B or RC-300

  1. Turn on the RB-86 without an active BLE connection.
  2. Power on the RC-100B (equipped with BT-410 follower module) or RC-300 near the RB-86 controller.
  3. The RC-100B (BT-410 follower module equipped) or RC-300 will automatically connect to the nearby RB-86 controller.

Connect from STEAMCUP to Remote Controller

  1. Connect to your RB-86 from your PC or the STEAMCUP app.

  2. Select the remote controller icon to open the virtual remote controller.


Straightness Calibration