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Product Lineup



  • Revised Date: Jan 2th, 2020.
  • Revised Model Name: See the following table.

    Previous New
    H54P-200-S500-R PH54-200-S500-R
    H54P-100-S500-R PH54-100-S500-R
    H42P-020-S300-R PH42-020-S300-R
    M54P-060-S250-R PM54-060-S250-R
    M54P-040-S250-R PM54-040-S250-R
    M42P-010-S260-R PM42-010-S260-R

Key Specifications

Model Dimensions(mm) Weight Resolution Motor
PH54-200-S500-R 54 x 126 x 54 855g 1,003,846 BLDC (Maxon)
PH54-100-S500-R 54 x 108 x 54 740g 1,003,846 BLDC (Maxon)
PH42-020-S300-R 42 x 84 x 42 340g 607,500 Coreless (Maxon)
PM54-060-S250-R 54 x 126 x 54 855g 502,834 BLDC (Maxon)
PM54-040-S250-R 54 x 108 x 54 710g 502,834 BLDC (Maxon)
PM42-010-S260-R 42 x 72 x 42 270g 526,374 Coreless (Maxon)

Communication Circuitry

Connection to UART

To control DYNAMIXEL-P with a custom made Main Controller, the signal of Main Controller UART should be converted into RS-485 signal. The following is a recommended conversion circuit diagram.

NOTE: Above circuit is designed for 5V or 5V tolerant MCU. Otherwise, use a Level Shifter to match the voltage of MCU.

The power is supplied via Pin1(-) and Pin2(+) of DYNAMIXEL. (The above circuit is built into DYNAMIXEL-only controllers)

In the above circuit diagram, the direction of data signal of TxD and RxD in the TTL Level is determined according to the level of TX_Enable_5V as follows:

Pin Arrangement

Connector pin arrangement is shown below. DYNAMIXEL-P has two 4-pin connectors arranged in pin-2-pin configuration. In this arrangement there’s no priority in the connector order and DYNAMIXEL-P can be driven like the MX-series.
Additionally there is a 2-pin connector dedicated for power input for high-current operations.

WARNING : When wiring please pay attention to the pin arrangement. Incorrectly connected DYNAMIXEL-P may be damaged severely.

Confirmation of Connection

The LED of DYNAMIXEL-P flickers once if the power is supplied to DYNAMIXEL-P properly via wiring.


The output horn has been redesigned. Please refer to below comparisons between DYNAMIXEL PRO and DYNAMIXEL-P.

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