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This device allows you to control robots via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication.


  • When RC-300 is powered on, a blue LED will illuminate.
  • If RC-300 is not connected to a BLE slave device, the blue LED will blink; once connected, it will remain continuously lit.


Item Description
Weight 72.4g
Dimensions 138mm x 105mm x 36mm
Operating Voltage 3.0V (DC)
Power Consumption 0.05W
Battery Alkaline (LR6) AA batteries x 2
Buttons 11 buttons (including power/mode button)
Communication BLE (Master)

How to Use

  1. Power On
    • The central POWER button serves as the power button. Press it lightly for about 1 second, and the blue LED will turn on, indicating that the power is on.
  2. LED (Power and BLE Connection Status)
    • If not connected to a BLE slave device, the blue LED will blink.
    • Once connected to a BLE slave device, the blue LED will stay on without blinking.
  3. Power Off
    • Press and hold the central POWER button for approximately 2 seconds. The blue LED will blink rapidly four times before turning off.
  4. Auto Power Saving Mode
    • If RC-300 is not used for 3 minutes (no button presses), it will automatically turn off to conserve battery power.
    • If the battery voltage is low and needs replacement, the LED will blink rapidly four times, indicating power-saving mode.
  5. Transmitting Button Press States
    • While RC-300 is turned on, it transmits packets corresponding to the pressed U/D/L/R/1/2/3/4/5/6 buttons to the paired BLE SLAVE device.
    • It also sends a packet indicating that no buttons are pressed when all buttons are released.
    • For packet details, refer to the Code Map.

How to Connect

Available Wireless Modules and Controllers (1:1 Pairing)

Module RC-300
RB-100 O
RB-86 / RB-88 O
CM-151 O
BT-410 Slave Module O
BT-410 Master Module X
BT-210 Slave / Master Module X
BT-100/110A X
ZIG-100/110A X

Connection Procedure

Code Map

When buttons on the RC-300 remote control are pressed, corresponding code values are transmitted as shown in the code map below.


When more than 2 buttons are pressed, the sum of pressed code values will be sent.

NOTE : There are 128 combination keys usable in IR Mode.There are 512 combinations keys usable in Zigbee Mode.

Communication Packet

RC-300 uses communication packets in the following format, similar to RC-100 series remote controllers.

How to Insert Batteries

  1. Open the lid on the backside.

  2. Insert 1 battery. (Please be careful with the terminal)

  3. Insert the other battery.

  4. Press firmly to insert the batteries.