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The RC-300 remote allows you to control robots via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication.


  • When the RC-300 is powered on, a blue LED will illuminate.
  • If RC-300 is not connected to a BLE slave device, the blue LED will blink; once connected, it will remain continuously lit.


Item Description
Weight 72.4g
Dimensions 138mm x 105mm x 36mm
Operating Voltage 3.0V (DC)
Power Consumption 0.05W
Battery Alkaline (LR6) AA batteries x 2
Buttons 11 buttons (including power/mode button)
Communication BLE (Master)

How to Use

  1. Power On
    • The central button serves as the POWER button. Press it lightly for about 1 second, and the blue LED will turn on, indicating the power is on.
  2. LED (Power and BLE Connection Status)
    • If not connected to a BLE slave device, the blue LED will blink repeatedly.
    • Once connected to a BLE slave device, the blue LED will stay on without blinking.
  3. Power Off
    • Press and hold the central POWER button for approximately 2 seconds. The blue LED will blink rapidly four times before turning off.
  4. Auto Power Saving Mode
    • If RC-300 is not used for 3 minutes (no button presses), it will automatically turn off to conserve battery power.
    • If the battery voltage is low and needs replacement, the LED will blink rapidly four times, indicating power-saving mode.
  5. Transmitting Button Press States
    • While RC-300 is turned on, it transmits packets corresponding to the pressed U/D/L/R/1/2/3/4/5/6 buttons to the paired BLE slave device.
    • It also sends a packet indicating that no buttons are pressed when all buttons are released.
    • For packet details, refer to the Code Map.

How to Connect

Available Wireless Modules and Controllers (1:1 Pairing)

Module RC-300
RB-86 / RB-88
BT-410 Slave Module
BT-410 Master Module X
BT-210 Slave / Master Module X
BT-100/110A X
ZIG-100/110A X

Connection Procedure

Code Map

When buttons on the RC-300 remote control are pressed, the corresponding code values are transmitted as shown in the code map below.


When more than 2 buttons are pressed, the sum of all code values for the pressed buttons will be sent.

Communication Packet

RC-300 communication packets use the following format, similar to RC-100 series remote controllers.

How to Insert Batteries

  1. Open the lid on the back of the controller.

  2. Insert the first battery into the compartment, taking care to insert in the correct polarity.

  3. Insert the other battery.

  4. Press both batteries firmly to confirm insertion.