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ROBOTIS PLAY 600 PETs is a friendly and colorful pet-themed robotics kit featuring a motorized control box that allows your children’s creations to come to life and move!
The kit also features ROBOTIS’ patented rivet system, which allow creative minds to explore endlessly and build further on their creativity by coming up with new figures and designs.

You can build up to 7 different robot figures with the ROBOTIS PLAY 600.
The Puppy, Bird, and Cricket can be built using the colorful assembly manual included with the kit.
Build the remaining robots, including the Whale, Goldfish, Polar Bear, and Tank by downloading the FREE R+ Design app for Android, iOS, Windows PC.

NOTE : Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

Part List

Quick Start

Assemble Robot

Please refer to the Assembly Manual included in the package.
You can also watch R+ Design interative assembly instruction.

Activate Robot

Press the red power button on the CM-20 controller to activate the assembled robot.


PLAY 600 Examples
Polar Bear