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NOTE : CM-5 is discontinued.


Item Description
Weight 125.95g
CPU ATMega128
Voltage Supply Range : 7V ~ 12V
Recommended : 11.1V (3S1P Li-Po)
Current Consumption Standby : 50mA
Max : 5A(Fuse)
Operation Temperature -5°C ~ 70°C
External I/O Device AX/MX Series DYNAMIXEL Connector x 2





Connecting Power

A rechargeable battery is installed in CM-5. If the rechargeable battery is charged, the device is ON when the power switch is set to ON. If you try to connect to external power without using the charger, the power is connected when SMPS is plugged and the power switch is set to ON. If the power is connected, the Power LED is turned on, and one of the mode LEDs flickers.

How to Operate

For CM-5, the firmware must be updated to use Roboplus instead of the Behavior Control Programmer(the old version).
Please refer to Firmware Update on how to updated firmware in RoboPlus Manager.

Connect to PC

PC Link(Serial Cable) of CM-5 and Serial Port of PC must be connected using serial cable to communicaiton with PC. If you want to use Bioloid on the laptop without a serial port, you can communicate with PC using USB2DYNAMIXEL. (The USB2DYNAMIXEL is sold separately.)

Wireless Communication

ZIG-100 Wireless Communication Module can be connected to CM-5.


To move a robot when it is not connected with SMPS, you have to use a battery. If the battery is discharged, please use by charging it according to following procedures.

  1. Connect SMSPS to CM-5.

  2. Turn on the CM-5 Power and press the U button

NOTE : While the CM-5 is being charged, the power LED blinks. The speed of blinking shows how much it is left before finishing the charging. It will be more faster as it completes the charging. Once the charging is done, it will blink for every 2 seconds.

Fuse Replacement

The fuse prevents the over power that flows in the CM-5 which can damage the circuit. If the CM-5 does not turn on with the battery but turns on when connected to the SMPS, replace your fuse.

If the fuse is disconnected, followings will happen.

The fuse used for CM-5 is available at electric shops( Fuse Volume : 220V/5A )