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ROBOTIS DREAM is an entry level robotics kit optimized for learning and teaching robotics.

Set A combines the parts from the existing products ROBOTIS DREAM Level 1 and Level 2, and includes a much simpler QuickStart to get robotics education started.

CAUTION : The controller(CM-150) in ROBOTIS DREAM SET A contains a “Comprehensive Program” that can make the robot move without downloading a program. To program or download a program you will need the USB Cable included. If you want to build and program your robots using more parts and peripheral devices, please purchase the ROBOTIS DREAM SET B or necessary parts separately.

WARNING : ROBOTIS DREAM A has been discontinued.

Part List

Quick Start

ROBOTIS DREAM SET A comes with a “Comprehensive Program” in the controller that can make the robot move without downloading a program.

CAUTION : The comprehensive program in the controller will be overwritten when downloading a program. Therefore, you must download the program using USB Downloader(LN-101).

How to Play


Select Program

For details, please refer to the workbook included in the kit.

Button Press Workbook Robot
  Chapter 1. Windmill
3 (Mi) Chpater 2. Avoider
7 (Ti) Chapter 3. Scorpion
11 (Fa’) Chapter 4. Crocodile

NOTE : Download the example program under the ROBOTIS DREAM Level 2 directory using the USB cable included in Level 1. The USB cable can also be purchased separactely.


For more information assembly and operation, please refer to the ROBOTIS DREAM SET A workbook. The controller initially comes with the comprehensive program pre-installed in it. To create your own program or download, click here to read more on How to Download Task code. You will need the USB cable to download the programs. This is included in ROBOTIS DREAM SET A.

Robot TASK Code
1. Windmill
Not Programmable
2. Avoider
3. Scorpion
4. Crocodile