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Combined with U2D2, it can supply various kinds of external power supply to supply stable power to Dynamixel.


Item Details
Operaing Voltage 7.4V ~ 24.0V
Maximum Current 10.0A


Part Name Description
Power Connectors In order to use various power sources including SMPS, three types of connectors are attached.
DYNAMIXEL Connectors JST connector 3-pin, 4-pin are provided for communication in two ways
TTL/RS485 Test Points TTL data line, RS485 D +, D-line signals can be easily identified with a separate TP


  1. When using the terminal block, the left-side is ground and right-side is source, so be careful of polarity when using an external power supply.
  2. Since the back of the board is exposed to several pins, it is recommended to combine the provided supporters so that the conductor does not touch the floor to some extent.

How to Assemble