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Product Lineup

Product Lineup

Key Specifications

Model Dimensions(mm) Weight Resolution Motor
54 x 126 x 54 855g 501,923 BLDC(Maxon)
54 x 108 x 54 732g 501,923 BLDC(Maxon)
42 x 84 x 42 340g 303,750 Coreless(Maxon)
54 x 126 x 54 853g 251,417 BLDC(Maxon)
54 x 108 x 54 710g 251,417 BLDC(Maxon)
42 x 72 x 42 269g 263,187 Coreless(Maxon)
L54-50-S290-R 54 x 108 x 54 656g 207,692 BLDC
L54-50-S500-R 54 x 108 x 54 656g 361,384 BLDC
L54-30-S400-R 54 x 108 x 54 612g 288,395 BLDC
L54-30-S500-R 54 x 108 x 54 591g 361,384 BLDC
L42-10-S300-R 42 x 72 x 42 257g 4,096 Coreless

Communication Circuitry

Connection to UART

To control DYNAMIXEL PRO with a custom made Main Controller, the signal of Main Controller UART should be converted into RS-485 signal. The following is a recommended conversion circuit diagram.

MAX485 Datasheet

The power is supplied via Pin1(-) and Pin2(+) of DYNAMIXEL. (The above circuit is built into DYNAMIXEL-only controllers)

In the above circuit diagram, the direction of data signal of TxD and RxD in the TTL Level is determined according to the level of DIRECTION485 as follows:

Pin Arrangement

Connector pin arrangement is shown below. DYNAMIXEL PRO has two 4-pin connectors arranged in pin-2-pin configuration. In this arrangement there’s no priority in the connector order and DYNAMIXEL PRO can be driven like the MX-series.
Additionally there is a 2-pin connector dedicated for power input for high-current operations.

WARNING : When wiring please pay attention to the pin arrangement. Incorrectly connected DYNAMIXEL PRO may be damaged severely.

Confirmation of Connection

The LED of Dynamixel pro flickers once if the power is supplied to Dynamixel pro properly via wiring.