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Study Materials

Here you can get useful resources such as Training Materials, App, robot example, assembly manual and a MARKER for Commando.

Advanced Study Materials

Training Materials, Additional Examples, 3D Printing are available here, and customize your ROBOTIS ENGINEER KIT with additional resources.

Additional course materials are provided via the link below.

All items (App, Assemly Manuals and Kit-Only Raspbian Image file) are available.

Download App

The ENGINEER KIT2 shares R+Task 3.0 and ENGIEER app with the ENGINEER KIT 1. If these app and software are not installed on your PC or a smart device, see App Installation and install the app and software.

Download Robot Examples

Examples Python (.py) Motion (.mtn)
MAX-E2 01_ENG2_Max_E2_PY.py 01_ENG2_Max_E2_MO.mtn3
Commando 02_ENG2_Commando_PY.py Only Python File is used
Scorpi 03_ENG2_Scorpi_PY.py 03_ENG2_Scorpi_MO.mtn3
AutoBot (Additional Eaxmples) 04_ENG2_Autobot_PY.py 04_ENG2_Autobot_MO.mtn3
Strider (Additional Eaxmples) 05_ENG2_Strider_PY.py Only Python File is used

Download Assembly Manual

Download the assembly manuals from the following table.

Model Download
Commando ROBOTIS_ENGINEER_KIT2_Commando_EN_ver2014.pdf
Scorpi ROBOTIS_ENGINEER_KIT2_Scorpi_EN_ver2014.pdf
AutoBot (Additional Eaxmples) ROBOTIS_ENGINEER KIT2_Autobot_EN_ver2018.pdf
Strider (Additional Eaxmples) ROBOTIS_ENGINEER KIT2_Strider_EN_ver2018.pdf

Download a MARKER for Commando

Download MARKER for Commando.