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Quick Start

App Installation

NOTE: R+Task 3.0 does not support Python Code Download on smart devices. Please download your code using R+Task 3.0 on a PC.

Download Examples

NOTE: Before downloading the example files for ENGINEER KIT 2, the firmware of the CM-550 controller must be updated. Instructions to Update CM-550 firmware using R+ Manager 2.0 software

To control ENGINEER KIT2 with the R+ ENGINEER App, the CM-550 controller needs to be programmed with the Python (.py) and Motion (.mtn3) example files that match the assembled robot figure.

Examples Python (.py) Motion (.mtn)
MAX-E2 01_ENG2_Max_E2_PY.py 01_ENG2_Max_E2_MO.mtn3
Commando 02_ENG2_Commando_PY.py Only Python file is used
Scorpi 03_ENG2_Scorpi_PY.py 03_ENG2_Scorpi_MO.mtn3
AutoBot (Additional Examples) 04_ENG2_Autobot_PY.py 04_ENG2_Autobot_MO.mtn3
Strider (Additional Examples) 05_ENG2_Strider_PY.py Only Python file is used

Download from PC

  1. How to Connect CM-550 Controller to PC
  2. How to Download Python Example Source Code
  3. How to Download Motion Example via PC
  4. How to Download Task Example via PC

Download from Smart Device

NOTE : Connect CM-550 with your smart device via bluetooth. See Pairing Bluetooth.

  1. How to Connect CM-550 Controller to Mobile
  2. How to Download Task Example via Mobile
  3. How to Download Motion Example via Mobile

Run Examples

Launch the R+ ENGINEER app and select the assembled robot example to operate the robot.

CAUTION : Selecting wrong example may result in malfunction of the robot.

Select the menu button on the top right corner of the app for app configuration.

Connect to Robot : Select Bluetooth device to connect.
Reset Example : Modified contents (including code / images) of selected examples will be deleted.
Range of Gesture Error Setting : Set the sensitivity level of the gesture command.
Display Example Image on Gallery : Some smart devices may not support this feature.
Scanning Media : Update files and folders that are not recognized from the PC. Reconnect PC after the scan.
Version Information : Display the current app version.

Pairing Bluetooth

In order to control the robot remotely, connect your smart device via bluetooth to CM-550 controller. See Pairing Bluetooth of ENGINEER Kit 1.


Run ROBOTIS ENGINEER Kit2 App and select MAX-E2.

Remote Controller Screen

Menu button: Control/ Streaming/ Facial Detection/ Robot Inspection Mode.
Control Buttons: Control and change the speed of motions of MAX-E2.
Mode button: NORMAL/ FIGHT/ SPECIAL modes.
Motion buttons: Each relevant motions are set up to each control modes.
Function button: All Torque set up/ Led board color change/ Robot stand-up/ etc.


MAX-E2 Mode Menu

Icon Description
Control and change MAX-E2 to various modes as FIGHT/ SOCCER/ etc.
Control the robot by watching videos taken from Raspberry Pi camera on your smart device and selecting buttons.
Certain motions as greetings is available by face detection using Raspberry PI camera.

MAX-E2 Options

Icon Description
Check the motor operation of the robot.
Alter the DYNAMIXEL’s position value, posture of robots, etc.

MOTOR Inspection

OFFSET Adjustment

NOTE : See Setting Up the Robot to change configuration data of motors and its offset.


Run ROBOTIS ENGINEER Kit2 App and select Commando.

Commando Demo Screen

Menu Button : Selecting Demo/ Control/ Streaming/ Robot inspection modes.
Mode Button : See the description below.


Commando Mode Menu

REMOTE: Controlling and ordering motions, directions, cameras, etc. Selecting WHEEL SPEED is to change the speed of the robot on the REMOTE mode.

Commando REMOTE Mode Screen


Run ROBOTIS ENGINEER Kit2 App and select Scorpi.

Scorpi Demo Screen

Menu Button : Control/ Gesture/ Deme/ Robot inspection mode.
Mode Button : See the description below.

Scorpi Mode Menu

아이콘 메뉴 설명
Control Scorpi’s moves, directions, speed, and various motions with the tail and the claws.
After running the gesture mode, hold the screen of the smart device upwards. In this state, tilt the device to move the robot. If you shake the device strongly, the robot attacks by moving its tail.

Scorpi REMOTE Mode Screen

GESTURE Mode Screen