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What Software, DYNAMIXEL and Parts are compatible with my own controller?

How to download Task Code to my controller?

Task Rule Check

CM 510/530 Fuse Replacement

How the X-series can communicate with dynamixel with protocol 1.0?

Users can select DYNAMIXEL Protocol 1.0 and Protocol 2.0 when using X-series. Even if Protocol 1.0 is selected, Protocol 2.0 Control Table will be used. It is recommended to use an identical protocol version for multiple DYNAMIXEL’s.

TIP : MX-series DYNAMIXEL except MX-12W can be upgraded to Control Table 2.0 for the new firmware features, new control table, and “Protocol Version” parameter for Communication Protocol flexibility.

What is RoboPlus?

RoboPlus (1.0 / 2.0 / 3.0), which is also called R+, is software tool to provide diverse features, such as programming (R+ Task), 3D motion design tool (R+ Motion), and product manager tool for a firmware recovery/update and control table (R+ Manager).

R+ 1.0

R+ 2.0

R+ 3.0


  • R+ Task 3.0 is software in which R+ Task 2.0 (a programming tool) and R+ Motion 2.0 (3D Motion desgin tool) are integrated.
  • See Product Compatibility Guide, and choose the right software which is compatible with your controller in use.

What is the meaning of error codes when I use R+ Task 1.0

What shall I do if the rule check error shows up while I am writing RoboPlus Task code?

Why joints on the robot in use get loose while I make the motions.

How can I develop a firmware for the controller by myself using C Language?

Embeded c Download
CM-510 / 700 Downlaod SDK file
CM-530 Download SDK file

I want to develop software to communicate with RoboPlus Task code.

I want to use DYNAMIXEL with an development environment.

How to use multiple Zigbees communication?

Are ROBOTIS products RoHS compliant?

Where can I download the drawings for ROBOTIS products?

What is stall torque?

What is the difference between normal horns and thrust horns?

How much is N.m when converted to kgf.cm?

I want to check the controller and dynamixel.

Software installation for OS X fails with a security warning.

How to install USB driver for Windows?