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Getting Started

How to Connect

Direct Connection

Keyboard and monitor are directly connected to ROBOTIS-OP3.

Remote Connection

Connect to ROBOTIS-OP3 over the network.

Connection Type

How to connect

How to kill the demo program

Kill demo program

In order to terminate automatically executed demo program, enter below command in the terminal window.

$ sudo service OP3-demo stop

Running demo on startup

This chapter describes settings for automatically executing demo on startup.
Autorun feature requires robot_upstart package from ROS.

Reference : robot_upstart

Start demo program on start

  1. Make a script for auto-run Open a new terminal window and execute below commands.
    (password : 111111)
    $ rosrun robot_upstart install --job JOB_NAME --user root --master op3_demo/launch/demo.launch
    • JOB_NAME : This item specifies job name to autorun. The job name will be registered on the service.
      ex : OP3-demo
       rosrun robot_upstart install --job OP3-demo --user root --master op3_demo/launch/demo.launch
    • NOTE : Autorun program will be generated based on op3_demo/launch/demo.launch.
  2. Modify the script
    • open service file and modify the contents
       $ sudo xed /usr/sbin/OP3-demo-start
    • from : export ROS_HOSTNAME=$(hostname)
    • to : export ROS_HOSTNAME=
  3. Run the service
    $  sudo systemctl daemon-reload && sudo systemctl start JOB_NAME
    • daemontools Installation : If daemontools is not installed on the system, execute below command.
      $ sudo apt install daemontools

Stop demo program on start

Open a new terminal window and execute following commands.

$ rosrun robot_upstart uninstall JOB_NAME

How to restart the demo program

When to restart the demo

How to restart the demo

In order to restart autorun demo, execute following command in the terminal window.
(password : 111111)

$ sudo service OP3-demo restart