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OP3 Manual Installation


This chapter explains how to install software and configure ROBOTIS OP3.

User Installation

OS Installation

OS Installation

PC Setting

ROS Installation & Environment Setup

  1. ROS Installation

    Reference : ROS Installation

  2. ROS Environment Setup

    Reference : ROS Environment and Network Settings

Installing additional applications for ROBOTIS ROS Package

Prerequisites for ROBOTIS ROS package

Installing ROS packages for ROBOTIS-OP3

Installing ROBOTIS ROS Packages

ETC Setting

Recovery of ROBOTIS-OP3


This chapter explains how to recover ROBOTIS-OP3 softwares using recovery USB image.

CloneZilla recovery

Clonezilla is used to recover ROBOTIS-OP3 with the image file in the provided USB.

How to creat a recovery USB media

NOTE: The required image file may differ depending on a generation of the provided SBC. Be sure to see the following table and download an appropriate image file with your NUC PC.

Recovery Image List Description
clonezilla-live-ROBOTIS-OP3_Recovery_181019(NUC_7th).zip NUC 7 only
clonezilla-live-ROBOTIS-OP3_Recovery_180402.zip Latest version for NUC 6 only
clonezilla-live-ROBOTIS-OP3_Recovery_171013.zip Older image for NUC 6 only

How to recover ROBOTIS-OP3

  1. Go to boot manager : Press F10
  2. Select the boot device : Recovery USB media
  3. Select the image : clonezilla live with img ROBOTIS-OP3_Transcend (Default settings, VGA 1024x768)
  4. Confirm to continue : enter y
  5. Confirm to continue : enter y
  6. Check the progress
  7. Turn off or reboot ROBOTIS-OP3