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Firmware Recovery

When Dynamixel detection fails ensure is properly wired. If problems persists restore Dynamixel firmware (shown below).

Warning After firmware restoration you will need to set ID and baud rate values again. Always make sure to set USB2Dynamixel switch to “485.”

  1. Restoring firmware
    • From Dynamixel Wizard click on the icon to begin.
    • Select the corresponding COM port number for USB2Dynamixel.

  2. Firmware restore process steps explained.

  3. Always connect one Dynamixel at a time.

  4. Pick the COM port number
    • With an incorrect number Dynamixel cannot be automatically detected. Always make sure to get the port number right.
    • Click on Search.

  5. Disconnect and connect Dynamixel
    • The Next button should become clickable

  6. Upon successful detection the Next button is clickable

  7. Pick the right model
    • Pick the right type from the list. If not it may result in problems

  8. During restoration
    • While restoring, the LED will blink. Do not cut power off during this stage.

All Control Table settings are set to default values.