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Firmware Recovery

When DYNAMIXEL detection fails ensure is properly wired. If problems persists restore DYNAMIXEL firmware (shown below).

WARNING : After firmware restoration you will need to set ID and baud rate values again. Always make sure to set USB2DYNAMIXEL switch to “485.”

  1. Restoring firmware
    • From DYNAMIXEL Wizard click on the icon to begin.
    • Select the corresponding COM port number for USB2DYNAMIXEL.

  2. Firmware restore process steps explained.

  3. Always connect one DYNAMIXEL at a time.

  4. Pick the COM port number
    • With an incorrect number DYNAMIXEL cannot be automatically detected. Always make sure to get the port number right.
    • Click on Search.

  5. Disconnect and connect DYNAMIXEL
    • The Next button should become clickable

  6. Upon successful detection the Next button is clickable

  7. Pick the right model
    • Pick the right type from the list. If not it may result in problems

  8. During restoration
    • While restoring, the LED will blink. Do not cut power off during this stage.

All Control Table settings are set to default values. DYNAMIXEL