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Getting Started



Power Supply

The Manipulator requires 24V for operations. Ensure the power supply is capable of supplying 24V and 15A or higher.

4P Cable

The 4P Cable connects the Manipulator and USB2DYNAMIXEL.

Power Cable

The power cable supplies power to the Manipulator.

For additional power or 4P cables contact ROBOTIS or obtain them with the specifications listed above. 


The USB2DYNAMIXEL sends ArmSDK commands to the Manipulator. Connect the USB2DYNAMIXEL to the PC via USB hub.

Product Assembly

NOTE : The content below is based on an optional base plate and differs from the actual base plate.

CAUTION : Connect the USB2DYNAMIXEL to the PC via USB hub. The USB hub acts as an isolator to protect the PC from any possible unexpected surges caused by arm action.


Communication Description
TTL AX, 3-pin MX; communicate with 3-pin DYNAMIXEL
RS485 RX, 4-pin MX and Pro; communicate with 4-pin DYNAMIXEL
RS232 CM-5, CM-510; communicate with these controllers. Communicate with other RS-232 devices

NOTE : The manipulator is based on RS-485 communications so make sure to set the dongle to 485.

Manipulator Test

CAUTION : Do NOT download RoboPlus v2.0. Use RoboPlus v1.0 for Manipulator-H.

Operating the Manipulator

DANGER : Before starting DYNAMIXEL Wizard ensure the arm is fixed to the base plate; then extend the arm. Otherwise; it may cause physical harm.

CAUTION : Always ensure before powering on. While power is on do not change wires; otherwise it may cause undesired operations.

Goal Position Values with Respect to Rotation

Model Name Relationship between angle(deg) and position value
-180 ~ 180 (deg) → -251000 ~ 251000

H42-20-S300-R -180 ~ 180 (deg) → -151875 ~ 151875

L54-50-S500-R -180 ~ 180 (deg) → -125700 ~ 125700

L54-30-S500-R -180 ~ 180 (deg) → -144180 ~ 144180

L42-20-S300-R -180 ~ 180 (deg) → -2048 ~ 2048