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[ROS] Simulation


  • The test is done on ROS Kinetic Kame installed in Ubuntu 16.04.
  • The test is done on ROS Melodic Moreniainstalled in Ubuntu 18.04.
  • Make sure ROS dependencies are installed before performing these instructions - Install ROS Packages

Launch gazebo

Load OpenManipulator-PRO on Gazebo simulator and click on Play button.

  $ roslaunch open_manipulator_p_gazebo open_manipulator_p_gazebo.launch

Enter rostopic list to list up the activated topics.


Controller for gazebo

Launch the open_manipulator_p_controller for gazebo simulation.

  $ roslaunch open_manipulator_p_controller open_manipulator_p_controller.launch use_platform:=false


  • To control the OpenManipulator-PRO in the Gazebo environment using the OpenManipulator-PRO Controller, the controller must set the use_platform parameter to false because it needs to send messages to gazebo instead of Platform.
  • If you want to manipulate the OpenManipulator-PRO using Moveit within the Gazebo simulator, you should also convert the use_moveit to true in open_manipulator_p_controller launch file.

If the OpenManipulator-PRO controller for gazebo simulation Launched successfully, the terminal will represent below messages.


 * /open_manipulator_p/control_period: 0.01
 * /open_manipulator_p/moveit_sample_duration: 0.05
 * /open_manipulator_p/planning_group_name: arm
 * /open_manipulator_p/using_moveit: False
 * /open_manipulator_p/using_platform: False
 * /rosdistro: kinetic
 * /rosversion: 1.12.14

    open_manipulator_p (open_manipulator_p_controller/open_manipulator_p_controller)


process[open_manipulator_p-1]: started with pid [4388]
[INFO] Ready to simulate /open_manipulator_p on Gazebo

NOTE : In OpenMAIPULATOR-PRO controller for gazebo simulation, Joint and Gripper DYNAMIXEL are not enable, following messages will not be displayed :
Joint Dynamixel ID : 1, Model Name : PRO-PLUS-PH54-200-S500-R
Joint Dynamixel ID : 2, Model Name : PRO-PLUS-PH54-200-S500-R
Joint Dynamixel ID : 3, Model Name : PRO-PLUS-PH54-100-S500-R
Joint Dynamixel ID : 4, Model Name : PRO-PLUS-PH54-100-S500-R
Joint Dynamixel ID : 5, Model Name : PRO-PLUS-PH42-020-S300-R
Joint Dynamixel ID : 6, Model Name : PRO-PLUS-PH42-020-S300-R

Open an open_manipulator_p_control_gui to control OpenMANIPULATOR-P