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Autonomous Driving

Note : Turtlebot3 has been tested on Ubuntu 16.04 and ROS Kinetic Kame.

We are currently doing several projects related with the keywords: Autonomous Driving and TurtleBot3s

TurtleBot3 Auto

In the video, TurtleBot3 gets its eye by attaching a $40 Raspberry Pi Camera and adopts open source from MIT DuckieTown engineering to track the lane.

and soon (In January, 2018), official autonomous driving package for turtlebot3 will be released.

Join in AutoRace

AutoRace is a competition for autonomous driving robot platforms. To provide various conditions for robot application development, the game gives as less structural regulation as possible. Entire contents are opened in software (source codes for referee system) wise and hardware (stp / dwg files of game map) wise. Whole robots and even the referee system in the field is run by ROS, so it would support to make many kinds of contents further.

Get opened source of what is participated in each competitions!

AutoRace - RBIZ Challenge 2017

Place Team Source link
1 RealRiceThief Github
2 IronHeart Github
3 Robit Github
4 Loading Github
5 RunHoney Github
6 Sherlotics Github
7 FastAndFurious Github
8 BonoBono Github
9 BeginAgain Github
10 Hanzo Github
11 Codis will be released soon
12 Zero Github
13 CanDynamix Github
14 Cena retire
15 TogetherChaChaCha retire

Official Teaser #1

Official Teaser #2

Official Final Video

Video - Team RealRiceThief (1st Place)

Video - Team Sherlotics (Introduction video)