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Online Competition on RDS

Online Competition using TurtleBot3

We are preparing an online competition on ROS Development Studio (RDS) with TurtleBot3 AutoRace and Task Mission using TurtleBot3 and OpenManipulator. You can participate free of charge in this online competition and learn about SLAM, Navigatin, Autonomous driving, Manipulation in a defined rule. Let’s play each other in this online competition!

TurtleBot3 AutoRace on RDS

If you need more information about it or you want to launch it in your remote PC, please visit Autonomous Driving section.

Task Mission using TurtleBot3 and OpenManipulator on RDS

If you need more information about it or you want to launch it in your remote PC, please visit Manipulation section.

ROS Development Studio (RDS)

ROS Development Studio (RDS) is an online IDE which allows you program and test any robot using only a web browser. With RDS, you will be able to: Develop ROS programs for robots in a faster way, with an already setup IDE environment that includes autocomplete. Test the programs in real time on the provided simulated robots. Use the provided simulations or upload your own. Quickly see the results of your programming. Debug using graphical ROS tools. Test what you have developed on RDS in the real robot (if you have it all of these are using ONLY a web browser without any installation and not limited by any operating system. DEVELOP FOR ROS USING WINDOWS, LINUX OR OSX. Please refer to the following link for further information on TurtleBot3 related lectures and reference materials provided by The Construct.

Offline Competition

TurtleBot3 Maze Solving @ FIRA Malaysia 2018

Robosot (office task challenge) using TurtleBot3 @ FIRA Malaysia 2018

GdR TurtleBot Challenge 2018 (TU Darmstadt)

Autonomous Mobile Robot Competition (Dankook University)

AutoRace RBIZ Challenge

AutoRace - RBIZ Challenge 2017

AutoRace - RBIZ Challenge 2018

AutoRace RBIZ Challenge 2017

TurtleBot3 AutoRace 2017 Teaser

TurtleBot3 AutoRace 2017 Challengers

AutoRace RBIZ Challenge 2018

Place Team Source link
1 ROBIT Github
2 Au-Di Github
3 ROBIT2 will be released soon
4 Wang Bam Ppang Github
5 Four Leaf Clover will be released soon
6 AuTURBO Github
7 MATLABurger will be released soon
8 Eung Chang Ho Github
9 ZETIN will be released soon
10 ROSMASTER will be released soon