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DYNAMIXEL X-Series is a new line-up of high performance networked actuator module, which has been widely used for building various types of robots with reliability and expandability.

Two different types of DYNAMIXEL is adopted in TurtleBot3 Burger, Waffle and Waffle Pi as they have different requirements. DYNAMIXEL X-Series shares its design, therefore, users can replace actuators depend on applications.


Items XL430-W250 (for Burger) XM430-W210 (for Waffle and Waffle Pi)
Microcontroller ST CORTEX-M3 (STM32F103C8 @ 72Mhz, 32bit) ST CORTEX-M3 (STM32F103C8 @ 72Mhz, 32bit)
Position Sensor Contactless Absolute Encoder (12bit, 360°) Contactless Absolute Encoder (12bit, 360°)
Motor Cored Motor **Coreless Motor **
Baud Rate 9600 bps ~ 4.5 Mbps 9600 bps ~ 4.5 Mbps
Control Modes Velocity, Position, Extended Position, PWM Velocity, Position, Extended Position, PWM, Current, Current-base Position
Gear Ratio 258.5 : 1 212.6 : 1
Stall Torque 1.0 N.m (@ 9V, 1A) 2.7 N.m (@ 11.1V, 2.1A)
  1.4 N.m (@ 11.1V, 1.3A) 3.0 N.m (@ 12V, 2.3A)
  1.5 N.m (@ 12V, 1.4A) 3.7 N.m (@ 14.8V, 2.7A)
No Load Speed 47rpm (@ 9V) 70rpm (@ 11.1V)
  57rpm (@ 11.1V) 77rpm (@ 12V)
  61rpm (@ 12V) 95rpm (@ 14.8V)
Communication TTL Level Multi Drop Bus TTL Level / RS485 Multi Drop Bus
Material Engineering Plastic Full Metal Gear, Metal Body, Engineering Plastic
Standby Current 52mA 40mA


The ROBOTIS DYNAMIXEL SDK is a software development library that provides DYNAMIXEL control functions for packet communication. The API is designed for DYNAMIXEL actuators and DYNAMIXEL-based platforms. TurtleBot3 uses DYNAMIXEL SDK in OpenCR to control the actuator.