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About Open Robotics

Open Robotics is an independent non-profit organization founded by members of the global robotics community. The mission of Open Robotics is to support the development, distribution, and adoption of open source software for use in robotics research, education, and product development.


ROBOTIS was derived from a simple response to the question, “What is a Robot?”.


There are many answers to this question, but we strive to develop and apply products that would impact our daily lives and make robots more personal rather than an intelligent appliance. Imaginations can become reality through personal robots.


ROBOTIS China Office

ROBOTIS Japan Office

ROBOTIS Korea Office

About OST (Open Source Team)

We are Open Source Team in ROBOTIS HQ. With open source hardwares and softwares, our robot friends are hoping to enrich our lives. We mainly develop and support DYNAMIXEL SDK, OpenManipulator, OpenCM, OpenCR and OpenAutonomousCar. Our favorite platform is ROS! :) We are delighted to be in charge of developing TurtleBot3, the official reference platform for ROS, and in the future we will be the team that can support you to get closer to your robot dreams.