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The contents in e-Manual are subject to be updated without a prior notice. Therefore, some video may differ from the contents in e-Manual.

In the video, watch how TurtleBot3 can be assembled and reassembled with a few additional parts. The waffle plate which is the biggest part among TurtleBot3 components can be assembled in various sizes and shapes, thanks to its diverse holes for bolts and nuts.

With this openended component, handful of TurtleBot3 friends with various characteristics could be built. You can create a totally new robot that is never seen before. Create a variety of robots based on open hardware and try out the new Locomotion.

TurtleBot3 Friends List

Components List ( BOM )

Thank you for your continued interests in the TurtleBot3 Friends.
The listed products in BOM, sold by third-party distributors, are subject to change or discontinuation without a prior notice.
In this case, please refer to the 3D modeling file to find compatible products.

Contact Information
If you have questions regarding the TurtleBot3 Friends, contact us via ROBOTIS Forum.

Single Item Quantity Set Item Quantity Purchase Links
XL430-W250-T (e-Manual) 2 XL430-W250-T 2 ROBOTIS SHOP
OpenCR1.0 (e-Manual) 1 OpenCR1.0 1 ROBOTIS SHOP
TB3 Waffle Plate-IPL-01 6 TB3 Waffle Plate-IPL-01 1 ROBOTIS SHOP
TB3 PCB Support-IBB-01 4 TB3 PCB Support-IBB-01 1 ROBOTIS SHOP
Rivet-Mg(n) 4 Rivet-Mg(n) 4 ROBOTIS SHOP
TB3 Wheel/Tire 2 TB3 Wheel/Tire Set-ISW-01 1 ROBOTIS SHOP
PHS M3x8mm 20 None None Online Store
PHS M2.5x8mm 4 None None Online Store
PHS M2.5x12mm 16 None None Online Store
WB_M2x4mm 8 None None Online Store
WB_M2.5x20mm 8 None None Online Store
NUT_M2.5 4 None None Online Store
NUT_M3 8 None None Online Store
SB-S3-45 4 None None Online Store
SB-S3-35 2 None None Online Store
3D printing parts(HV Converter) 4 None None Onshape

BOM spreadsheets

TurtleBot3 Friends: Car

Note: 3D modeling for TurtleBot3 Friends: Car is not currently available.

TurtleBot3 Friends: OpenManipulator

TurtleBot3 Friends: Segway


  • Two DYNAMIXEL X 430 Series are need to be set on PWM Mode.
  • Filters library have to be downloaded and includes it arduino IDE. Github Link

TurtleBot3 Friends: Conveyor

TurtleBot3 Friends: Monster

TurtleBot3 Friends: Tank

TurtleBot3 Friends: Omni

TurtleBot3 Friends: Mecanum

TurtleBot3 Friends: Bike

TurtleBot3 Friends: Road Train

TurtleBot3 Friends: Real TurtleBot

TurtleBot3 Friends: Carrier