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Hardware Setup

Main Components

Part List

TurtleBot3 has two different models: Burger and Waffle. The following list shows their components. The big differences between two models are the Motor, the SBC(Single Board Computer) and the Sensors.

Chassis Parts

Part Name Burger Waffle
Waffle-Plate 8 24
Plate Support M3x35mm 4 12
Plate Support M3x45mm 10 10
PCB Support 12 12
Wheel 2 2
Tire 2 2
Ball Caster 1 2


Part Name Burger Waffle
DYNAMIXEL (XL430-W250-T) 2 0
DYNAMIXEL (XM430-W210-T) 0 2


Part Name Burger Waffle
OpenCR1.0 1 1
Raspberry Pi 3 1 0
Intel® Joule™ 0 1


Part Name Burger Waffle
Intel® Realsense™ R200 0 1


Part Name Burger Waffle
MicroSD Card 1 0


Part Name Burger Waffle
Raspberry Pi 3 Power Cable 1 0
Intel® Joule™ Power Cable 0 1
Li-Po Battery Extension Cable 1 1
DYNAMIXEL to OpenCR Cable 2 2
USB Cable 2 2


Part Name Burger Waffle
SMPS 12V5A 1 1
A/C Cord 1 1
LIPO Battery 11.1V 1800mAh 1 1


Part Name Burger Waffle
Screw driver 1 1
Rivet tool 1 1
USB3.0 HUB 0 1
LIPO Battery charger 1 1


Part Name Burger Waffle
PH_M2x4mm_K 8 8
PH_T2x6mm_K 4 8
PH_M2x12mm_K 0 4
PH_M2.5x8mm_K 16 12
PH_M2.5x12mm_K 0 18
PH_T2.6x12mm_K 16 0
PH_M2.5x16mm_K 4 4
PH_M3x8mm_K 44 140
NUT_M2 0 4
NUT_M2.5 20 18
NUT_M3 16 96
Rivet_1 14 20
Spacer 4 4
Bracket 5 8
Adapter Plate 1 1
Rivet_2 2 2

Assembly Manual

TurtleBots3 is delivered as unassembled parts in the boxes. Follow the instructions to assemble TurtleBot3.

Assembly Video

If it is difficult to assemble with the assembly manual, please refer to the following assembly video.

TurtleBot3 Burger

TurtleBot3 Waffle

Basic Operation

You can use PUSH SW 1 and PUSH SW 2 buttons to see whether your robot has been properly assembled. This process tests the left and right DYNAMIXELs and the OpenCR1.0 board.

  1. After assembling TurtleBot3, connect the battery to OpenCR1.0 and turn on the power switch. You can see that the Power LED of OpenCR1.0 turns on.
  2. Place the robot on the floor. For the test, safety radius of 1 meter (about 40 inches) is recommended.
  3. Press and hold PUSH SW 1 for a few seconds to command the robot to move 30 centimeters (about 12 inches) forward.
  4. Press and hold PUSH SW 2 for a few seconds to command the robot to rotate 180 degrees in place.

Open Source Hardware

Core components of Turtlebot3 are the followings: Chassis, Motors, Wheels, OpenCR1.0, SBC Computer, Sensor and Battery. The chassis are Waffle Plates that holds other components. The Waffle Plate plays an important role as a chassis although its size is as small as your palm. Waffle plate is manufactured with injection mold method to lower the manufacturing cost. However, the CAD data of waffle plate for 3D printing is also available via Onshape. Turtlebot3 Burger is a Two-wheeled differential drive type platform, but it is customizable structurally and mechanically in many ways: Cars, Bikes, Trailers and so on.

The CAD data is released to the Onshape, which is a full-cloud 3D CAD editor. Get access through a web browser from your PC or from portable devices. OnShape allows drawing and assemblying parts with co-workers.