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SBC Setup

WARNING: Setup work requires Power and Time. So battery is not suitable. We recommend using SMPS (AC adapter) during this work.

NOTE: We are offering three models of TurtleBot3. TurtleBot3 Burger and Waffle Pi use Raspberry Pi 3 B and B+, and TurtleBot3 Waffle uses Intel Joule 570x. Choose from the following pages according to the SBC used in your model.

Raspberry Pi 3

NOTE: Use either of 3 ways to install Linux and ROS on Raspberry Pi 3

  1. For Ubuntu Mate installation, read Install Linux (Ubuntu MATE) guide. Be sure to install ROS and dependency packages after installing the Linux images on SBC of TurtleBot. The instruction takes about 1 hour to install ROS and related packages for TurtleBot3.
  2. For Linux distro image installation based on Raspbian, read Install Linux (Raspbian) guide. You do not have to do additional installations as the distro image contains ROS and ROS packages related to TurtleBot3.
  3. For webOS Robotics Platform, read webOS Robotics Platform guide. You do not need to compile packages on TurtleBot3. They will be cross-compiled using OpenEmbedded on a higher performance PC, Ubuntu 18.04 based and an image file created from them.

NOTE: Raspberry Pi 3 B+ is available in TurtleBot3 Burger and Waffle Pi. If you use Raspberry Pi 3 B+, please refer to the following.

  1. Install Linux (Ubuntu MATE)

  2. Install Linux (Raspbian)

  3. Install Linux (webOS Robotics Platform)

Intel Joule 570x