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1) Option 1: Git command

  $ git clone https://github.com/ROBOTIS-GIT/DynamixelSDK.git

2) Option 2: Direct Download

3) Option 3: Install ROS library (C++ library and Python module)

  $ sudo apt-get install ros-[ROS Distribution]-dynamixel-sdk

File Structure

The example codes are using either C or C++ version dll. Extract zip file, you can see the folders shown below.

Open C++ folder, for instance, you would see 4 folders which contain cpp source files, header files, build files and example codes.

Though the PortHandler which handles system communication environment is separated in three OS, the Linux, the macOS and the Windows, the other sources are made to be able to be cross-compiled. Basically, Makefile or Microsoft Visual Studio is used for each environment of 32bit or 64bit platform respectively. Example codes using library files(.dll, .so, .dylib) show how to use SDK functions to control one or more DYNAMIXEL’s.

Each example folder also has the build files which are for Linux, macOS or Windows, 32bit or 64bit platform. Make library file before you run the example codes. The ReadWrite example code can control and read DYNAMIXEL position.

The example sources coded with C# / Java / MATLAB / LabVIEW are not using library functions coded with the language of themselves but using the .dll, .so or .dylib which are built previously by C language coded source.

You can find out how to run the examples in the DYNAMIXEL SDK sources at here