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LabVIEW Windows

Compiler and Builder

Building the Library

Note that if following procedure imports the DYNAMIXEL SDK c ver. 32bit library, the built library for LabVIEW only can be used by LabVIEW 32bit. Choose the platform target to either 32bit or 64bit, at first.

Besides, when some error that are related with .dll file version is higher than the LabVIEW's version is appeared, the .dll file should be rebuilt in lower version Visual Studio.

Function Reference

Building and Running the Sample Code

DYNAMIXEL SDK example code for LabVIEW uses the library files(.dll for Windows) built in C language.

Each released DYNAMIXEL SDK have latest library files in:
[DynamixelSDK folder]/c/build/[winXX]/output/dxl_xYY_c.dll

which were built by its own source code.